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We understand what proper bookkeeping means to your business. As a bookkeeper, we complete accurate record keeping of your business transactions with a systematic bookkeeping process.

Nikki Sharp - Owner

Nikki has several years of tax preparation experience and knows the ins and outs of what a CPA is looking for when combing through your books. In Seattle, she received a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in 2012 and went on to complete her Master's degree in Accounting in 2015 in Texas. While pursuing her education, she worked as a staff accountant before and during undergrad, and she worked as a tax preparer while earning her Master's degree. She also learned bookkeeping for clients who used third party services such as Amazon and Shopify.

After obtaining her Master's degree, Nikki was approached by a client  who gave her the idea to start her own bookkeeping business. That is how Equations came to be. Now Nikki and her team bring their knowledge, skills, and passion for what they do to many clients - but especially entrepreneurs.

Nikki is extremely motivated, hardworking, and passionate about anything and everything she puts her heart and mind into. She loves to teach her clients how to understand their financials and is also working toward teaching an Accounting 101 class at a local community college in the future.

Maridel Rojas - Associate

​Maridel is a Management Accounting Graduate and has been working in an ISO Certified manufacturing company where she handled bookkeeping, inventory costing, and financial statement preparations. She is most proficient in expenses classifications, financial statements preparation, bank reconciliation, financial statement analysis, financial statements forecasting, inventory costing and valuation, and account analysis.


Maridel is detail and goal-oriented and a great at multitasking. In her free time, Maridel travels and enjoys mountain climbing, hiking, chasing waterfalls, camping at the beach, as well as other outdoor activities. In her spare time she also enjoys learning new things, especially in the field of accounting.

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